Alex Reich
CXO, Inventor, Computer Programmer, Writer

Alex Reich is based in Orange County, California.

Who is Alex?

Alex Reich is an CXO, inventor, independent computer programming consultant, executive, speaker, editor and writer. Alex's 18 year wife and partner, Nina Reich was recently selected as a honorary member of Alpha Sigma Mu, a Carnegie Fellow and is a tenured associate professor with Loyola Marymount University (LMU) since 2003, the family is located in Costa Mesa, CA. Alex has 3 children, has run over a dozen marathons and has a love of dark chocolate.

Creator of Oops I’m Late!, a GPS based notification system, also for Mobile phones as well as founder of podcasts.

Alex is currently an independent consultant and previously CTO of Yummy Foods, LLC, home of, listed in June 2010 on Entrepreneur's Annual 100 Brilliant Ideas as well as consultant for 21st Century Fox in Los Angeles (2010-2015).

Previously, owner, partner and founder of Inetcom, a Southern California IT consulting company. During the dotcom era, acted as CTO of EducationConnect (1999, 2001) and LoudENERGY (2001, 2002) and as a Director of Internet Services and Operations at AccessPoint (2000, 2001), a CLEC in North Carolina (moved to Triangle Area of North Carolina Dec 1999 in support of partner PhD.) and as Microsoft .NET Enterprise Architect at Avanade (2002, 2003)

In the past, he has worked in development with Fortune 1000 and Fortune 500 companies.

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